Summer, 2021

Participants read the book then together in the Virtual Vineyard (, Facebook, and weekly WINE Webinars), we share our thoughts on the book, Scripture, or journal.  Links for the Webinars are provided on Thursdays (or in follow-up emails for those who attend).

Each day, WINE posts a reflection, quote, or question open to discussion. Share your thoughts in the comments, and check back to see what others have to say! During the Book Club WINE hosts a Wednesday night chat on Webinar Ninja, with an occasional special guest and lots of interaction. The webinars are free and take place at 9 pm EST.  Please note: This is not a Zoom-type meeting, it is a live video feed with participants interact in a group chat, via polls, and a Q&A option.

We will have different surprises, activities, contests, and a weekend wrap-up email, throughout the Summer Book Club as well.

Here is the link to purchase the book bundle. You’ll want the Companion Journal, it has fun, inspiring elements not found in the book: Love Like a Saint! It is never too late to join the conversation! All discussions are ongoing, so you can post your thoughts, questions, or comments on any part of the book, at any time during the summer (or beyond).

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask! Allison Gingras, National WINE Steward, is available to answer your questions and help you make the most of this virtual (or if you would like to create an in-person) experience!

Summer is over and you just found this amazing book now? No worries … You can read Super Girls and Halos with Your WINE Group Anytime! These resources remain online to enhance your book club experience.