By Angela Koenig



Jesus spoke to them again, saying, “I am the light of the world.
Whoever follows me will not walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.”
~ John 8:12


As a child, my dad greeted me the same way every morning, “There she is!” he would always say when he first saw me. Every morning, half-asleep, I would hear these words. Even when I went off to college and came home to visit, I could always expect this daily salutation.

I always thought it was such an odd way to say good morning, but one day my Father in Heaven revealed something to me through my earthly father’s words. Every night, I left my dad and went to sleep, but every morning, he awaited my arrival and was now content that I was present again. 

I’ve Been Waiting for You

The same is true for God our Father. How often we leave Him to enter into the darkness alone, yet He is always waiting for us to wake up and see again. When we do, He is overjoyed and cries out, “There she is, my beloved, you’ve come home, I’ve been waiting for you.” 

St. Joseph, Pray for Us

In a world that seems full of darkness, God has given us biological and spiritual fathers to remind us of His light and His constant tenderness and loving care for us. In the same way, God the Father entrusted His only begotten Son to St. Joseph, while on earth, He has entrusted all of us to St. Joseph as our spiritual father. May we look to St. Joseph to guide and protect us through our journey in this life as we strive for Heaven. I picture him eagerly anticipating our arrival, where he will look at us with the pride of a loving father and say, “There she is!” 


God our Father, thank you for giving us St. Joseph as a model of quiet strength and surrender to your holy Will.  St. Joseph, lover or purity and protector of families, intercede for us today and always. 

Call to Action

Consider getting to know your spiritual father on a deeper level by inviting him into your daily life. A beautiful way to do this is to include a special prayer, such as the Litany to St. Joseph, as part of your daily prayer routine. In this Year of St. Joseph, may he usher in the healing peace and joy of his son, Jesus Christ.



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