By Alyssa Bormes



I doodle “W’s” in cursive writing—as in the letter “W” …in cursive. I know it’s odd, which is why I began thinking about it in the middle of a lecture on discipleship right as I doodled one more “W” on the side of my notes.

Oh—I get it—the cursive “W” is my life as a disciple!

Oh my—are there any readers left? Have I scared them off with yet another little rendezvous in my brain?

Stick with me.

The first sort of swoop was my return home to the Church after the dark years. I was absolutely broken and needed a place to rest, a place to lay my head. The gentle curve of that swoop was a cradle to me. The Church allowed me to just sit quietly in the pew with my broken heart, with all my wounds. She began to minister to me through the Sacraments and Adoration in the middle of the night.

Before I knew what was going to happen, the excitement began. In homilies, I would have the Word opened to me, which was even wilder when I began to study the Scriptures. In Adoration, I relearned my prayers that had been neglected for years, the Rosary, especially the Hail, Holy Queen, and there were books, lots of books in the chapel. My introduction to the Saints began, the Catechism had answers I had sought in dark years – only my journey then only left me with more wounds.

My newly acquired knowledge led me on journeys—not away from the Church—but deeper into Her treasures. I went to an Ordination Mass, the first Mass of a priest, and I visited churches all over the city. Then I went on pilgrimage to Italy. I saw the Pope at an audience, prayed with relics, and in what seemed like the next minute, found myself getting a Masters in Catholic Studies.

These moments were the three sharp angles of the “W”—each moment more exciting and head-turning than the last, especially because they all connected.

However, it is that last arm of the “W” that is perhaps most unexpected. The journey started in a loving embrace, a cradle, and had been connected to the excitement of learning, followed by a running leap and act of trust. It was as if God were saying to me, “Hurl yourself into My work. I have you. Now, trust me and go be a disciple.”

Wow! Is this fun! It’s a little nerve-wracking, but when I go all-in and trust, it has been the best time of my life – being His disciple. I spend my days telling others of His glory!

When I look at the “W” now, I see the individual moments of each piece, yet I also see the whole of it. He still cradles me in His arms, He still teaches me, and even if there are millions of people more able, He still asks me to trust and hurls me into the unknown of being a disciple -all at once.

Wow—“W’s” are great, which I suppose WINE has been telling us all along. Now doodle a few and then follow their call to discipleship!


Dear Jesus – Help me navigate the ups and downs in my life with complete and utter trust in You!

Call to Action

Next time you doodle – remember, you are called to be a disciple.