By Maria Morera Johnson



Behave like God, as his very dear children.Ephesians 5:1

I don’t think I’ve ever encountered a more poignant recommendation for living my life; behave as a dear child of God.

The examination of conscience that followed was severe – and convicting. St. Teresa of Avila says in Interior Castle that hell does not frighten her as much as the thought of looking into the Lord’s eyes and seeing disappointment. What an easy, and frightening, measuring stick for my behavior.

Do I behave as a child of God?

What would such behavior entail?

I would begin every day with joy, my eyes looking up to my Father, arms outstretched, trusting in His loving embrace.

I would accept, with gratitude, all the graces offered to me throughout the day, as a child accepts food and drink, clothes for warmth and comfort, and the safety of home.

I would complete my duties and work to the best of my abilities, and offer my toil to Him, just as a child proudly brings a drawing to her parent.

I would pick flowers and weeds with no discrimination, celebrating the beauty of each.

I would trust that my Father was always present, always watching, ready to hear me or help me.

I would accept correction for my own good, and never doubt His love for me.

At the end of the day I would sleep peacefully in the knowledge that when I awake, the first thing I would see is my loving Father’s smile, ready to take me into His arms.

Amen. What a way to live, indeed.


Heavenly Father, Thank you for your loving care. Thank you for the day’s joys and challenges. I love you! Amen

Call to Action

Find a moment today when you can indulge your inner child doing something that brings you joy. Share that moment with the Lord. He delights in your delight. Invite Him into your experience.