By Katie Taylor



Reflecting on today’s Gospel from Matthew 20:1-16, I am reminded of how we are all called to work in His vineyard. WINE brings together women in the New Evangelization to work together using our different gifts to nurture, heal, and rebuild the vineyard, which is the body of Christ.

But today I hear Jesus say to each of us:

“Why do you stand here idle all day?” They answered, “Because no one has hired us.” He said to them, “You too go into my vineyard.” ~Matthew 20:6-7

Our Barriers

The truth is we have been hired and anointed for a mission, but we can put up so many barriers and excuses that keep us idle. We say no one has given me a task or a specific job, I don’t know enough, that sin or addiction disqualifies me, I am not good enough, and the task is too overwhelming. 

We compare ourselves to others and can think we are too late, too old, or too young to be needed. What can we possibly bring to the vineyard?

However, Jesus didn’t choose 12 perfect, holy scholars to join him in the vineyard. He selects 12 ordinary, imperfect men that smelled like fish. They didn’t even have it all together after spending the better part of 3 years with him; they abandoned, questioned, and doubted him.

But the good news is we are not asked to do it alone. Jesus will never leave us, and he continues to bring people into the vineyard to fulfill a specific job to help cultivate and reap the harvest. Some plant, some tend, some pick, some press, and some bottle the new wine. But we all have a part in the mission.

Called Into the Vineyard

Jesus says, “You too go into my vineyard.” Even with just one hour left in the day, Jesus desires that every one of us comes into the fullness of mission. He doesn’t care how you wasted the start of the day, or how inadequate you feel your contribution is. Because he knows you matter.

Because none of us are gifted with all of the ‘talents,’ we must rely on others and practice generosity, kindness, and sharing of goods. When we withhold our ‘talents,’ we reduce the capability of cultural enrichment (CCC 1936-1937).

As women, we have specific feminine gifts, and we all live these out in our beautifully unique way. But each one of us is anointed for mission through Baptism and Confirmation. A mission is a calling to go out in service for a great cause. 

We have all been called to “Go therefore and make disciples of all nations” (Matthew 28:19). There is no telling how amazing the harvest will be when we all serve in the vineyard together!


  1. Spend some time reflecting on the talents God has given you everything you have is a gift from him. Ask the Holy Spirit to remove any blindness to the unique gifts you have. Removing the temptation for false humility, belittling, or degrading of yourself.
  2. When considering your gifts, look towards how you are called to work in His vineyard, to live out your mission. Reflect on what frustrates you, what breaks your heart, what seems to be missing in your community, or parish. How can you bring about the solution? What’s one thing you can do to make a difference?

About the author:

Katie Taylor is passionate about equipping leaders in the New Evangelization through living awesome Catholic lives and providing light and truth. She is an Air Force veteran and has a Master’s in Marriage and Family Counseling. Her husband is a fighter pilot, and they have three amazing kids. They love running retreats and Catholic leadership workshops.  Reach them at and watch their video series for Catholic Link.