In Super Girls and Halos

Discovering our Super Powers – the skills and gifts God has bestowed upon us and how we use them for His Glory. Finding the connection between Saints and Superheroes and discussing our understanding of the Cardinal Virtues. Also, looking at creative ways to Counsel the Doubtful, Feed the Hungry, and Give Drink to the Thirsty.

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  • Cheryl Spitzer

    I travel a lot so St Christopher is with me often.
    I’m counting on him to get my grandson & I
    home from the beach this afternoon.
    I love to garden, mostly vegetables so I ask for help
    from St Isadore. Right now, most of the spring plants
    are finishing up. Soon it will be time to do fall planting.
    I was recently diagnosed with a neurological issue.
    I call on St Dymphna for help especially when I just
    don’t feel like doing my exercises. Next thing I know,
    they are done and I am much more positive about life.

    • Allison Gingras

      Cheryl, I LOVE how you put your league to work!!! That’s fantastic! Thank YOU for sharing!!!

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