Join the Conversation in the Facebook “WINE Book Clubs” Group

The beauty of the Virtual Vineyard – it is here when you are available. Busy schedules, even in the Summer, don’t always allow us to be together at the same time. However, the ongoing discussion here and in the Facebook group, means you can participate on your time, and never miss a thing!

Bookmark this page: Super Girls and Halos Book Club; and come back here daily to see what we are discussing and/or join us on social media, either way, WINE wants to share your spiritual journey.

As one WINE friend just said, “WINE has been instrumental in encouraging us to go virtual rather than go without. Thanks for walking with us!” IT has and will continue to be our pleasure!!

Join in the WINE Super Girls and Halos Book Club anytime (Summer, 2020) – Purchase your Book Bundle HERE!