By Kristin Molitor



“But those sown on rich soil are the ones who hear the word and accept it and bear fruit thirty and sixty and a hundredfold.”  Mark 4:20


As I prayed with today’s Gospel reading, I couldn’t help but smile as I thought of my mom. Today marks the tenth anniversary of her sudden passing away, and if I were to pick one word that described her short life it would be “fruitful.”  

My mom’s life was incredibly rich, vibrant and joyful, but it was also quite ordinary (or so it appeared).  She was a devoted farm wife and loving mother of eight daughters (her “Eight Maids a – Milkin’”) who loved Hallmark movies, Kohl’s cash and Diet Dr. Pepper.  Yet the thousands of people who came to her wake and funeral made it quite clear that in some mysterious way, her “ordinary life” veiled something extraordinary that touched more people than we will ever know. 

A Simple Faith

Growing up, I always saw our home as busy and lively, often it was chaotic and most of the time it was messy.  We argued over doing the dishes and made silly faces at each other when we were supposed to be praying the rosary.  But now I see that our home was holy ground where grace abounded, holiness grew and the faith was passed down.  Only now do I understand the transformational power of my mom’s simple, yet profound faith.

My mom’s faith was deep. It was rich. It was the most precious gift that she gave to us girls, and it keeps multiplying (her tenth grandchild was recently baptized)!

My mom’s secret to her deep faith was that she quite simply gave her heart to Jesus and always said “yes” to Him. And in the day to day grind of ordinary life, extraordinary graces (though veiled) began to unfold. Through the joys and trials of her life as a wife and mother, the Divine Sower was mysteriously at work sowing, pruning, and harvesting – never letting a small act of love go to waste.  

An Extraordinary Ordinary

I can’t help but wonder what my mom would say if she were to read this blog post.  I know she would be shocked to see me using such lofty words to describe her ordinary life.  She was simple.  She was ordinary.  She vacuumed up cheerios and in weak moments binged on potato skins.  But my mom gave her heart to Jesus and because of that, beautiful fruits were born. Heaven is our home, but did she know that in loving Jesus she brought heaven to her home? 

Do you struggle to find meaning and purpose in the day to day grind of your vocation? Do you believe the ground you walk on is holy?  Press into Jesus with your doubts and insecurities and He will use them to till receptive soil in your heart. Allow Him to water your heart with His mercy, love, and favor.  Believe that the quiet moments of obscurity in your life are opportunities for tender moments of intimacy with Him. 

Lasting Fruits

When we yield to Jesus’ work with hopeful expectation, fruit not only appears, it multiplies and overflows to our family and every sphere of influence God has given us.

May we always believe in the power of the Divine Sower to produce lasting fruits in us—even when we can’t see Him at work.  May we be filled with holy wonder as we contemplate the extraordinary graces hidden in our ordinary lives.  And may we never underestimate the seeds we lovingly and quietly sow in God’s Kingdom.


About the author

Kristin Molitor currently serves as the New Evangelization Coordinator for the central Minnesota Catholic parishes of Bowlus, Holdingford, and St. Anna.





Image by Larisa Koshkina from Pixabay