By Allison Gingras


Do Things Hold My Memories?

Detachment is not my superpower. My past attachments have included clothing, shoes, children’s movies, and music CDs. My basement and attic once filled with things I would never use again, yet I found it difficult to let them go.

Strangely, I find it comforting to keep things around me that hold precious memories. As if the memory would cease to exist apart from the article. Although I knew, these are all things moths can come and destroy (Matthew 6:19 -21), and not the treasure I am storing for heaven; a part of me still clung to all of it.

“Detachment” can be problematic when counting on your possessions for your solace and consolation. Those comforts were fleeting. Many years ago, as I looked around at the piles of things weighing me down, I made the tough yet life-changing decision to rent a dumpster. For an entire weekend, my husband and I sorted through all our stuff. 

The Blessing of Blessing It Forward

We blessed many things forward through donations, and our boys held a yard sale, yet, scarily, we still had enough junk to fill a dumpster. The struggle to part with some of these objects, based on a fear that my life would somehow be different without it, was, as they say, very real.

Ironically, the decision to detach became more natural with each discarded or donated item. I recycled, I reorganized, and I relied on the love of God to get me to a point where I could detach from these things. The understanding of what brings me happiness changed dramatically throughout the purging process. Finally, realizing none of these earthly treasures contains the love, grace, or comfort present in my Lord and my God. 

As the dumpster pulled away, after days of reorganizing, cleaning, and decluttering, I felt lighter. I was not burdened by having to continually relocate, trip over, or sift through my piles. In the absence, I realized the very things I held onto to bring me joy, had become barriers to trusting God. In letting them go, I made room for Him in my life, in ways I never imagined.


Allison Gingras works for WINE: Women In the New Evangelization as a WINE Steward tending the Virtual Vineyard including facilitating WINE book clubs and social media.  Allison authored  The Gift of Invitation: 7 Ways Jesus Invites You into a Life of Grace, and a contributor to Our Friend Faustina (Marian Press).