By Sharon Wilson




Amen, I say to you, unless you turn and become like children,

you will not enter the Kingdom of heaven.

Whoever humbles himself like this child

is the greatest in the Kingdom of heaven.

Mathew 18:3-5


My life changed completely when I had children. Time (and money) was no longer our own.  I became worried about their health and lives and in addition to diapers and feedings, I started to look at things through childlike eyes. Our adult lives seemed so complicated but in reality little children have it right.

Another blessing having children brought to me was a reawakening to some of the traditions, prayers, and games of my own childhood.  The simple Guardian Angel prayer was one of those things that I thought I forgot until I started teaching it to my own children.


Angel of God, My guardian Dear,

To whom God’s love commits me here,

Ever this night,

Be at my Side,

To light and guard,

To rule and guide,



My Children are now young adults and I although I don’t sit bedside and say evening prayers with them like when they were little, I do say prayers for them and the Guardian Angel prayer covers it all!

In today’s Gospel Jesus, calls over a child and calls us all to be more childlike.  Not silly or simple like children, although a bout of silliness is always a good thing, but we are called to be childlike in our trust in God and to be gracious for all the things He has given us.

How can we learn to be gracious?




  1. (in Christian belief) showing divine grace.

“I am saved by God’s gracious intervention on my behalf”

Similar: merciful, forgiving, compassionate, kind


Practicing gratitude is a lifelong business and I often need tools or reminders when I start acting like an ungrateful child instead of counting my blessings graciously.  My niece  Megan Delgado recently wrote a book called The Gracious Gobbler.  It is actually much more than a book, it is a plan and tools to practice being gracious.  Designed specifically to create an attitude of gratitude as a family as you lead up to Thanksgiving it calls you to reflect on each day and share with others how much you appreciate them. To simply share with others what you appreciate about them is a powerful way to rethink our attitudes about how to be childlike.

When I think of being childlike in God’s eyes, it is this abundance of gratitude that I imagine.  I see the child who runs to the parent to sit in their lap just grateful for being there.

Check out my niece’s book bundle.  I was thinking that my children are too old for me to start this tradition, but it is never too late to be childlike.

The Gracious Gobbler was created to help families focus on the connection between kindness and gratitude.  In a world where our lives can become very hectic, it allows parents and children to be more intentional every day in focusing on the kindness we can bring to others and feeling gratitude for the kindness others have shown to us.

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