By Karen Schwaner Sheehy



Jesus meets us where we are. He longs for each of us to recognize Him and say, as Thomas did in the upper room, “My Lord and my God” (John 20:28). Through this simple but bold proclamation, we open-up our hearts to Christ, and, through the power of the Holy Spirit, become participants in the eternal life of the Triune God. This is the good news proclaimed by John, the Evangelizer, in the book of Revelation (Rev 1:9), and each of us as Christians and Women In the New Evangelization.

But, how do we gain eyes to see and hearts to recognize the risen Lord? As we learn in today’s readings, the circumstances of individual conversion vary greatly. Where some come to know the Lord through the gift of faith, others are drawn to Christ through personal testimony, the words of Sacred Scripture, or observance of signs and wonders. Jesus meets us where we are, whether through a tangibly real and personal encounter, like that of Thomas, or an invisible experience felt deep within the heart. No matter what the means, we come to know Christ through the unmerited gift of grace. Through grace we are saved, and through grace, we grow in holiness and intimacy with Christ.

Jesus came that we may know the boundless love and mercy of His Father. Just as the people in today’s first reading where inspired, healed, forgiven, and called into deeper relationship with the Lord, so too are we invited to encounter God’s healing embrace on this special Feast Day of Divine Mercy. Today, according to the words spoken by our Lord to St. Faustina, the flood gates of His tender mercy are open wide (Diary entry 699). Will we walk through those gates? Will we invite others to do the same?

About three months ago, my adoptive son’s 20-year-old birth sister, Alyssa, moved in with us. Since that time, we have surrounded her with love, helped her find healing for some recurrent medical issues, guided her through a ½ year of home schooling, and introduced her to our beautiful Catholic Faith. Although organized religion was kind of a new concept for Alyssa, Jesus was no stranger, for Jesus meets us where we are! In fact, for several months prior to our reacquaintance, she had seen this man named Jesus in a recurrent dream, where He provided encouragement, a welcoming invitation, and consistent reassurance, “Alyssa, I see you. Don’t worry, change is coming!” And so it has!

Last month, Alyssa, myself, my husband, Tom, and son, Joseph, went on a 10-day pilgrimage to the Holy Land. Drawn to her sweet demeanor and infectious smile, our entire group watched in awe as she was baptized on the banks of the River Jordan. At her side, as Godparents, was my son and her younger brother, Joseph, and myself. That day, we welcomed this newly adopted daughter of God into the faith. Jesus meets us where we are!

Thank you, Jesus, for your self-sacrificial love, and for your passion, death and resurrection. Thank you, Jesus, for meeting us where we are, and for giving us visible signs and quiet movements of the heart which inspire us to say, “My Lord and my God” (Jn 20:28). Jesus, I trust in You!


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WINE Writer Karen Sheehy

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Picture taken by Karen Schwaner Sheehy on the River Jordan in the Holy Land (February 2019). Used with permission.  All rights reserved.