By Julie Kenney

Untitled by Claudia via Pixabay. Pixabay License


The winter solstice has passed yet it feels like we are still stuck in the ditch of darkness.  Days are dingy, the holidays are past, and Spring seems a long way off. Yet we are charged with the task of pushing on, almost as if we are drudging forward some days.

But on this day, I realize the sun is rising and it is beautiful!  The sky is pink and barely blue along the bottom and clearing white across the top.  There is crisp frost on the ground and I can see my breath as I exhale on my morning walk.

God has blessed us this day.  We, his chosen people, have been gifted with the power and ability to sing his praises for all his creation that cannot.  We must represent to all the universe how our souls can sing his unending praise.

To quote Matt Redman in his song “10,000 Reasons” we should “sing like never before” for “the sun comes up…it’s a new day dawning…it’s time to sing Your song again.”

Friends, look up!  Have you seen him whom my soul loves? (Song of Solomon, 3:3).  He is everywhere! Let our souls sing today!


About the author:

Julie Kenney is an elementary school principal by trade with 20 years experience under her belt as a reading teacher and administrator in rural, urban, and Catholic school settings.  A cradle Catholic, she finds herself newly immersed in the rebirth of her own faith. Her hope is that through the power of the Holy Spirit, the sharing of her thoughts, struggles, and triumphs can be encouragement to others to seek Jesus in times of need.