By Angie Koenig

Untitled by Thuy HaBich via Pixabay. CC0 Creative Commons


I see your heart, oh, fair one.  I see your pain and I see your joys.  The invisible scars etched on your face share the story of your life.  You try to cover them, you want to keep them hidden, but you don’t realize how beautiful embracing those scars will allow you to become.

In this season of new beginnings, remember that each breath you are given is a chance to start anew.  A chance to love a little harder, pray a little longer, and most importantly – come a little closer to the heart of your Lover.  The scars will not scare Him away, because scars are proof that open wounds can be healed; they are a visible reminder that you have allowed Him close enough to heal them.  

Resolutions will come and go, perhaps it is time to move past making resolutions and instead commit to a relationship.   There is someone out there to whom you belong and He yearns for you, His beloved. (Songs 7:11)  Will you keep Him waiting, or will you quench His thirst?

Do not be afraid, your Lover is gentle.  If you find yourself burdened by the weight of your past mistakes or overcome by your present choices, allow Him into your life.  Turn away from sin and look into the eyes of your Savior.  There is nothing you’ve done that He doesn’t already know, through it all, you are always His.  His mercy is greater than your guilt. 

If you think a relationship with the King of Heaven and Earth is unattainable remember this, our King humbled Himself to become like one of us so we would realize how attainable and selfless His love really is. (Phil 2:7)  He wants your heart, dear one, not just a part of it, your whole heart. Why do you resist surrender?  Fix your eyes on His and allow yourself to be overcome by His goodness.

Look into His eyes and hear His voice calling to you, “Arise, my beloved, my beautiful one, and come!” (Songs 2:10)  Only one question now remains – how will you respond to His invitation? I am praying for you dear sister, that emboldened by the Holy Spirit, you have the grace to say yes.

About the author:

Angie Koenig is a passionate follower of Jesus working her way through life as a Millennial. She is the youngest of nine children and embraces her role as a daughter, sister, aunt and friend. Angie blogs about her love story with Jesus at Currently she resides in Eau Claire, WI where she enjoys anything that involves coffee.