In New Wine Wednesday

By Allison Gingras


Today, I will renew my Total Consecration to Jesus Through Mary for the 7th time. My methods and materials have varied widely, so has my effort. I have followed the method put forth in Fr. Michael Gaitley’s 33 days to Morning Glory, Fr. Ed Broom’s new Total Consecration book (Sophia Institute Press), and my latest find, Montfort Publications’ Preparation for Total Consecration. I have loved all three and will keep each in my re-Consecration rotation.


My seven Consecration experiences happened in various ways as well; accomplished through participating in a small group, following a Total Consecration App, and this time, with virtually with an online community. In some of my consecration journeys, I have been meticulous in reciting every prayer and even the Rosary every day. This go-around I was distracted by the recent loss of my father, then a Scoliosis diagnosis for my twelve-year-old daughter; there were happy distractions during these 33-days as well. Specifically, the publication of my new Stay Connected Journal for Catholic Women series.


At the conclusion of Mass, on this feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe, I will recite my re-Consecration prayer. The Lord knows most days I barely finished my reading and reflections and had many days of missed prayers, yet I have no doubt he, through his Blessed Mother, will joyfully welcome my renewed devotion.


The initial decision to make the consecrate to Jesus through his Blessed Mother, Mary, came many years ago in Rio De Janeiro during World Youth Day. Those profound moments of faith discovered on a pilgrimage that I wanted to bring home with me. When my parish offered Total Consecration preparation using 33 days to Morning Glory, I knew it was the answer to my prayer. This simple act would bring me the intimacy with Christ I longed for, lead there by the woman who knows him best.


Honestly, I’m at peace with each of my Total Consecration to Jesus through Mary journeys. The preparation completed “perfectly” as well as the times I was a hot mess. The Catholic Church has a rich, beautiful tradition of prayer, as I learned when WINE offered When Women Pray as its 2017 Fall WINE Book Club. When you open your heart to the Lord, he does not care how perfectly you do so, just that you do.


Today, the Total Consecration prayers recited to myself after Mass will come with a renewal of my commitment to know Christ better. This promise will be as heartfelt and genuine as the ones given during less distracted times in my life. Each Consecration, this peaceful surrender of myself to the Will of God and his love for me, comes with its own set of blessings. The Lord sees my heart and knows me, which makes my discombobulated Consecration preparation not a surprise to him … at all.

How do you feel when your prayer life gets messy? Do you accept it knowing that eventually, you will have time or energy to clean up your prayer act? Or are you content in the Lord’s love knowing he is not judging your prayer performance but delighted to have any time you offer?


Allison Gingras is the founder of – where she shares the beauty of the Catholic Faith with honesty, laughter, and relatable examples from the everyday, ordinary life!  She has created the Stay Connected Journals for Catholic Women(Gracewatch.Media/Connected) which includes her first book, The Gift of Invitation: 7 Ways Jesus Invites Us into a Life of GraceAllison hosts A Seeking Heart with Allison Gingras on  Allison is a Social Media Consultant for Kennedy Brownrigg Group and Online Book Club Specialist with WINE: Women in the New Evangelization.

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  • Kelly Wahlquist

    Congrats! I renewed mine on Saturday, Dec. 8, in Midland, Texas, before leading the Advent by Candlelight “Gaze Upon Jesus” Retreat and I’m pretty sure Mary gave us a wink and a smile—we enjoyed snow in Texas. (Ironically, last year when I renewed my consecration before speaking at a WINE event in New Orleans, it snowed for the first time in ten years.) I’ll take it as Mary giving this Minnesota girl confirmation of her joy. Our Lady of the Snows, pray for us 🙂

    • Allison Gingras

      As imperfect Consecrations go, this one just keeps getting better. I did not make it to Mass this morning, and I will say the prayers during my Adoration hour today. Mary and I chatted this morning, and choose another date in 2019, to give it another go…when I went to write it on my calendar I realized the new (re)Consecration Date (St. Louis de Montfort’s bday) was also DIVINE MERCY SUNDAY this year <3 Mary is fun, isn't she? #SuchanawesomeMOM

  • Karen Sheehy

    Every Tuesday our parish, Mary, Queen of Peace, recites a prayer to Our Lady of Prompt Succer. I love this devotional most of all because it renews individual consecration to Mary (Our Lady) and re-commits various aspects of our life to Jesus through her loving care. This reminds me that Mary and her Son, Jesus, meet us in the every day hustle and bustle and that consecration simply means remembering that they are there for us in the joys, sorrows, busyness, and quiet circumstances of life. Mary, just like my mother, Janet, are there always for me, directing me towards the good, all I have to do is receive. Moms are good like that. Congrats Allison. Tell mama Mary hi for me! 🙂

    • Allison Gingras

      Always so insightful Karen!! Thank you for your beautiful, uplifting words this morning!!

  • Kathy

    It’s a day to turn to Mary for me–for sure! After arguing with my teenager last night so that she stays on track with her schoolwork and other responsibilities, I went to bed feeling defeated. And it’s Our Lady of Guadalupe’s day, so she’s really in the forefront for me today and I need to turn to her more! I remember one day in adoration, it came to me: not to worry–remember that even the most wonderful parents, Mary and Joseph, realized once that they’d lost their child and needed to go running back to the temple to search for Him! But the journey including a journey with prayer, even with its ups and downs, is a beautiful one! Thank you to Our Lord and Our Lady!

    • Allison Gingras

      Hi Kathy,
      Parenthood, I often joke, is one of the toughest jobs you’ll ever love. A good slogan that fits many aspects of our lives. The very fact that you care so much about your child, shows what a fabulous mom you are!! Mary always has your back. And so do we — your sisters in Christ. Lifting you in prayer today!!

  • Nancy Gaines

    My attempt at Consecration was a HUGE fail this go round, but I will give it another go. I tried doing it on my own. My parish does offer a group, which for other reasons was not active at this time but will be in the future. Allison, these words were a wonderful comfort for me today. “When you open your heart to the Lord, he does not care how perfectly you do so, just that you do.” Thank you, all of you, for being an inspiration in my life.

    • Allison Gingras

      Awww Nancy, Thank YOU!!! I’m trying again starting March 26th – I’ll have an online community to make the journey this time. Mark your calendar, let’s do this together!!!

  • Jane Margavio

    I just finished the Total Consecration which ended on the Feast of the Immaculate Conception
    I did it on line with the Catholic
    I have done many before but tried really hard this time to put my heart and soul into it
    Some days were good others were not
    I did it on with a mission in mind
    My husband is on oxygen 24/7 and I offered it for him and myself
    I see a some change in his attitude and mine

    • Allison Gingras

      Hi Jane!
      Mission Minded Prayers… are usually my most successful in completion, thanks for the wonderful reminder! I too will be offering prayers for your husband – and you as well!!

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