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The Unexpected Pregnancy

When I was a young woman, a friend of mine found herself pregnant very early in a new relationship. She was still in college and this unexpected call to motherhood rocked her world. Many tears were shed as her pregnancy news was processed and accepted.

At first, a profound heaviness developed around the impending birth as family members and friends took sides on what they thought the young couple should do. Sadly, more gossip and arguments happened around the situation, then prayer.

His Coming is Good News

Eventually, as the child’s birth drew near, the fear, doubts, and worry were eclipsed by an emerging joy and hope, “whatever clouds lie in the child’s future, his coming is good news” (Gaze Upon Jesus, p. 11).  Of course, Sarah Christmyer was referring in that passage to the birth of Jesus, but these words resonated with what unfolded in my friend’s family as the anticipation grew for the coming of this new little life.

Sarah writes, “she [Mary] is troubled and puzzled, yet she does not doubt … her ‘yes’ opens a space within, where God then makes his home” (Gaze, p. 13).  

Allowing God to Make a Home in You

Mary’s ability to gaze at God with a humble heart led to her fiat — which illustrated her openness and willingness to trust God. This disposition of Mary’s heart made room for God to make a home in her. My friend’s decision to choose life opened a place in her heart for her child, and eventually, to a beautiful new life with Christ.

What yes will you offer this Advent that will prepare your heart to welcome God to make his home in you as well?

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    Thank you for so much for your thoughtful start to our Gaze Upon Jesus reading. I’m looking forward to getting to know the book club group and drawing closer to Jesus this Advent!

    • Allison Gingras

      Thank you Stephanie. What a delight to have you along for the book club Advent journey!!

  • Mary

    For several years I have thought of a moving experience I had when my church asked me to bring some gifts to a local Christian pregnancy center. I have not been able to forget. I have prayed off and on about volunteering there. I work full time and wth other commitments I still have not found a way to become involved This reflection has brought this strong desire again to the forefront. Perhaps this Advent will help me find a way if that is what God is asking. Mary

  • Barbara Gibbs

    We just celebrated a woman who said yes to giving new life instead of having an abortion. It was a baby shower organized by the Gabriel project. It was so wonderful seeing all of these women coming together to celebrate the Mom’s yes!!!

  • Kathy

    In her senior year of high school our daughter became pregnant. There were all kinds of emotions from her and from us, the father and his side of the family She went through many challenges with school & friends. We learned to stand tall and proud that our daughter chose life. She gave birth to a beautiful son, our grandson (that was 26 years ago.). She married the father and they added three more sons to their family. . She looked to our Blessed Mother as a role model. Our daughter chose life and through that life we have seen much joy. Mary’s YES brought new life and so much more joy into the world. We have a Savior that we can trust!! This Advent I will look through the eyes of Mary and gaze upon our Savior, Jesus Christ

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