By Angie Koenig 

Untitled by Gerd Altmann via Pixabay. CC0 Creative Commons


For the last several years, I have sat around wishing I could get to daily Mass, but I spent more time coming up with excuses than an actual plan to get there.  Then one day a couple of weeks ago it hit me – there is a chapel 5 minutes from my house, Mass there is at the same time everyday, and I have a job with a flexible schedule, I just needed to start work earlier so I could take a longer lunch break.  All my excuses were gone.  I could go to daily Mass.

As I sat there in the chapel that first day, feeling oh so proud of myself for being there, I began to realize a major flaw in my spiritual love life – my devotion to my Beloved often comes with ulterior motives.  Sitting there, with my gaze upon the cross and filled with so much interior joy, I knew I needed to give to God and not expect anything in return.  I was then consumed with peace, knowing it was necessary to stop expecting rewards for my actions and just praise God for accepting what little I am able to give Him.

Once I understood that I needed to stop anticipating something every time I felt like I was making some big grand gesture for God, looking around every corner for what He might have for me, I was filled with so much admiration for the Heavenly Father and the following days were filled with an indescribable joy.

I now wake up every morning with a true understanding that each day I’m given is the gift, my very life is the reward.  I have been given a mission that only I can fulfill and I will be gifted with days until that mission is complete, at which point, I pray I do receive the ultimate reward – eternity with my God.

I now appreciate more all of the simple little treasures the Father has been giving me all along; simple treasures that are monumental when you realize The Creator of the Universe is the one giving them to you.  These little tresures previously went unnoticed because I was waiting for a splendid reward.

Sisters, I invite you to reflect on your own spiritual love life.  Are you giving to the Lord in anticipation of a reward? Are you holding back from fully loving Him because you feel He is withholding blessings from you?  Invite the Holy Spirit into your heart and ask Him for His divine help to open your heart to selfless giving.  When your gift, however humble or seemingly small, is accepted by the King of Heaven and Earth who needs nothing, day to day life starts to look that much more blessed.  St. Paul knew every good and perfect gift is from above.  Look to the heavens and you will find your reward.


About the author:

Angie Koenig is a passionate follower of Jesus working her way through life as a Millennial. She is the youngest of nine children and embraces her role as a daughter, sister, aunt and friend. Angie blogs about her love story with Jesus at Currently she resides in Eau Claire, WI where she enjoys anything that involves coffee.