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My Week Two Book Club Takeaway

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Where these new saint friends for you to meet? — Sts. Hildegaard and Bl. Jutta

How do your friends help you practice prudence?


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  • Loretta Cole

    I never heard of St. Hildegard or Bl. Jutta before so I really enjoyed the chapter finding out about their friendship. And also finding that prudence is about smart living. GOD BLESS.

  • Bernadette KN Kovalsick

    The simply definition of prudence is about “smart living” (page 53). That it will take a daily discipline of doing good which means to have the conscious and probably stress moral conscious to make the appropriate decisions. As people of faith we believe that our moral decisions are not simply a matter of solving a problem but having sound judgment.
    The focus of “smart living” in faith formation can be overwhelming for anyone and truly tested in friendships when we do not also invite the Holy Spirit into our lives. Are they also living or following a Christian lifestyle? Or do they see each event or situation as an exception.
    The friendship of Saint Hildegard of Bingen and Blessed Jutta truly is a friendship in not only the secular sense but one in the formation of faith. Each, although with different gifts, complement the other. St Hildegard as a mystic, pharmacist, poet, preacher and theologian, she remained humbled with her advice to bishops, popes and every day individuals. A reminder that no matter all that she she still drew in many with her dedication to explaining divine revelation and making God’s love know.
    Friends that I know that possess these gifts you can see first their authenticity. Their love for sharing Christ is unmeasurable. But most important for me despite all the higher education they remain humble to listen. Humbling to share my faith journey when times I really do not understand the events that are happening. They always remember the gifts I possess. Never complicated or assuming status over true friendship. But as noted also in the reading prudent aids us in spiritual nourishment.
    The noted obstacles to prudence impulsive , stubbornness and passion. The critic one of impulsive when we over react in a situation can and has extreme consequences. With social media there are times one friend is noting what another has posted. Not truly understanding the intent feels betrayed and without thought a horrible display of harsh words to even questioning if they are a true friend plays out. If alone face to face this might not have been severe, however, when open such as it is others now begin to support one side with allegations to the other. A beautiful friendship with impulsive reaction is destroyed. Keeping with impulsiveness is the expectation we may have of others. Like “googling” we want instant gratification. In relationships this attitude is not conducive.
    This chapter had so many “smart living” reminders and lessons to truly learn. Any relationship takes time and patience. Evaluating our time as suggested to see where our gifts and time will serve will prove to an asset. The “Friendship” is truly a life long “Project” in relationship to cultivate in God’s love.

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