WINE 2018 Summer Book Club

The Friendship Project: The Catholic Woman’s Guide to Making and Keeping Fabulous, Faith-Filled Friends


Friends Reflect

When developing the WINE companion journal for The Friendship Project, 

we thought it would be fun to include reflections on each chapter written by friends.

Our friend-pairs collaborated in their writing and share inspiring, heart-warming, and Spirit-led reflections.


Finding Hope

As time passed, God placed Deb on Kris’s heart.  It became so strong, Kris knew God needed her to go to Deb. Through text messages, Kris tried to set a date to meet, but Deb could not commit.  So Kris, knowing this was God’s will, drove to Deb’s house, knocked on her door and told her that God asked her to come and pray with her.  To Deb, it was as if God had sent her an angel to save her.


This was the start of one of the most beautiful friendships that God has ever orchestrated.  Kris shared her love of the Lord with Deb, and Deb hungered to have that same love.  Kris gave Deb hope that there was more than this world.  Hope that God brings good from all of our suffering and hope that one day Deb would see Kaylie again.   


Kris became Deb’s prayer person. Daytime, nighttime, anytime; Kris was there. She would hold Deb in her arms and the Holy Spirit would pour the words out of Kris’s mouth and penetrate them straight into Deb’s broken heart.  Prayer would end with both of them in tears; tears filled with God’s everlasting love.  


This is a portion of the inspiring reflection by Deb and Kris on the virtue of hope and friendship found in The Friendship Project companion journal, available only through WINE. Purchase here:

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Deb Hadley is the Founder of the KT Humble Hearts Foundation, a foundation she started in memory of her children Kaylie and Tyler. Deb has endured many hardships in her life but strives to find purpose and meaning in her suffering. With her solid faith, strong conviction, and incredible resiliency, Deb has found the strength to not only work through her adversity, but become a beacon of hope for others. Deb believes that no matter your circumstances, no matter the hardships you face, you can still have an amazing life if you place your trust in the Lord. (

Foundation established by Deb and her family in honor of Kaylie and Tyler


Kris Anderson is a homeschool mom of seven children and resides in Morgan, MN. Kris and her husband Duane have led Bible studies in their home for the last 18 years. Kris strives to share her love of and trust in Jesus whenever the opportunity arises. She is active in her church teaching religious education classes, volunteering for the Council of Catholic Women, and serving as a Eucharistic minister.


Friendship in Action

Do you have a friend that helps you to find, maintain, or never lose hope?
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