In The Friendship Project

Week One – Discussion Day:

We are going to use our Throwback Thursday to rewind our week’s reading and share what touched us.

Did you try any of the Friendship in Progress activities?

Where these new saint friends for you to meet? — Sts. Matilda and Gertrude

Has God ever sent you a friend when you needed one the most?


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  • Bernadette

    Good morning,
    I don’t have a journal so I haven’t done any of the activities. I did meet the two new saints. I hadn’t heard of St. Matilda. I might have heard of St. Gertrude. I knew nothing of their relationship. God has sent me a friend at just the right moment. I believe he has also sent me to someone at just the perfect time. I love how the Holy Spirit works in my life.

    On a side note, I wanted to thank you for reminding me to stop and think about my friends. I took the time to comment about a good friend who has been with me throughout my faith journey. After reflecting and commenting, I thought I should tell my friend about the impact she has had on my life. I sent her an email and included the post that I wrote about her.

    I am enjoying this book and book club. Thank you for letting me participate.

    • Allison Gingras

      Thank you Bernadette for your thoughtful response to this week’s discussion question. We are so grateful to have you along. Did you see the questions at the back of the Friendship Project book? We’ve discussed a little of those as well – and you are welcome to post about those at any time. How good our God is!

  • bernsigns

    I didn’t know there are questions at the back of the book. I will check it out. I’m using a Kindle version so I don’t generally look at the back until I have read that far .

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