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The Friendship Project: The Catholic Woman’s Guide to Making and Keeping Fabulous, Faith-Filled Friends


Friends Reflect

When developing the WINE companion journal for The Friendship Project, 

we thought it would be fun to include reflections on each chapter written by friends.

Our friend-pairs collaborated in their writing and shared some inspiring, heart-warming, and definitely, Holy Spirit led reflections.


Friendship Project Summer WINE Book Club

Finding Faith

The entirely touching account of the friendship of Saints Matilda and Gertrude holds deep lessons for us all. Their relationship was a tender story of guardian and child, mother and daughter, teacher and pupil, mentor and protégé and eventually sisterhood.  Although they were separated by a generation in age, they so beautifully contributed to each other’s spiritual growth.

Early in our relationship, Debbie and I were more associates than friends. We were part of a missionary community and Debbie, being several years older than I, ran in a somewhat different circle than I did in those early days. Having been on my own from a very young age, I remember as a young wife and then mother making the conscious choice to model myself after Debbie in some ways. Of course, she didn’t know this! I saw something in the way she was raising her children in the faith, while being a full part of our little community that inspired me.

This is a portion of the inspiring reflection by Debbie and Barbara on the virtue of faith and friendship found in The Friendship Project companion journal, available only through WINE. Purchase here:  http://bit.ly/2LiJlEi ***All proceeds benefit the non-profit work of WINE ministry. 


Barbara Heil is a former Pentecostal minister who has traveled the world as a missionary, teacher, and evangelist. After an amazing journey, Barbara came into full communion with the Catholic Church in April of 2013. She is a dynamic and inspirational speaker with a passion to awaken others to their destiny and purpose in Christ, and to lead people in deepening their walk with God. Barbara was a widow for 7 years before marrying her husband Jeff. They reside in Iowa and together have 8 children and 10 grandchildren.


Barbara and Debbie enjoying a special moment at a WINE Conference


Debbie Kendrick came into the Catholic Church in 2011 through her interaction with Catholics in ecumenical meetings throughout Europe where she was a conference speaker and led retreats for twenty years. In her testimony, she says, “The French Catholics just loved me into the Church.” Debbie’s heart is to see people know and receive the love God has for them which encompasses a New Pentecost for the New Evangelization. (jerusalempaintings@gmail.com)

Friendship in Action

Do you have a friend that helped you find, or better find, your faith?
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