By Sharon Wilson

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There are certain times of the year and certain seasons in my life where I find I am overwhelmed.  This seems to be one of those times!

A month or so ago my husband had rotator cuff surgery. Even in the weeks preceding his surgery our life and routines were off balance.  At that same time, I was transitioning from one job to another. Actually, starting a new career in a field that is new to me.  AND at the same time, we were getting work done on our floors that had been damaged by a small fire in our home.

Everything came together in the same couple of weeks.  My husband had surgery while I needed to find a place to move all of our junk and furniture out of our living room and computer room, so we could have our wood floors refinished while still trying to find a place for my husband to sleep in a reclining chair after his surgery. And oh yeah, I was starting my new job the next week.

After a week into my new job and caring for my husband and living with the inconvenience of the floors being done, I came home from work and broke down into tears.  “I can’t do it!” I said.   The weight I had put upon myself in everything I saw that needed to be done was seemingly overwhelming.  I didn’t know where to even start.

I went to prayer and during that prayer I was reminded that “I can only do what I can do in the time that I am here.” The clarity of that message from God and the peace it gave me caused me to make it my ‘mantra.’ I keep it on a post in note on my desk. It is mantra to remind me that “It is not all about me!”


Today’s first reading reminds me again…

 “He saved us and called us to a holy life,
not according to our works
but according to his own design
and the grace bestowed on us in Christ Jesus before time began
,” 2 Timothy 1:9


He called us to a holy life NOT according to OUR works!

He called ME according to His own design.


The problem with the statement of “I can’t do it!” is that of course I can’t.  I can’t do anything without God.  It is not all about me. It is about HIM. If I can keep my focus on what God truly wants from me – To be holy, that is all I can do!

What are the things in your life that are overwhelming?

Have you given them over to God?

Take 10 minutes today to share your troubles with Jesus and ask Him to carry them.  

About the Author:

Sharon Wilson – Wife, Mother, Writer, Catholic Speaker, and a WINE Specialist. Sharon has a degree in education and has worked as a freelance writer, Respect Life Coordinator, a teacher, in advertising, radio, buyer and in youth advocacy – She even rode an elephant in the circus once! Sharon speaks, writes and shares about God’s healing and about the great gift of being Catholic at