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The Gift of the Holy Spirit

The gift of the Holy Spirit, illuminative and transformative, impart us with the purpose of a new life in Christ. It transforms our hardened hearts and makes us a new creation. As described in Psalm 51: 12, “A clean heart create for me, God; renew within me a steadfast spirit.” To receive the Fruits of the Spirit we must be willing to surrender to His will and allow the Spirit to dwell within us.

The Remedy for an Anxious Heart

In chapter 6 Unwrap the Gift of the Holy Spirit, Pat Gohn reminds us of the Lord’s generosity, “The Holy Spirit is the glory of God in action-our ultimate teacher and guide.” This burning desire to be close to our Creator ignites a fire so bright within us it can only be satisfied by His ever-merciful love. My heart yearns to be closer to Christ and rest in His peace. This is attainable by allowing the Spirit to lead, “Our call as Christians is to be docile to the Spirit’s leading, to be moldable, teachable, and coachable.” Many times in my life I have felt restless and unsure of which path to take. Discernment is difficult when you’re relying solely on yourself for answers. The remedy for an anxious heart is remembering, God created you with a specific purpose. You belong to Him. Quiet your mind, “be moldable,” and be led by The Holy Spirit.

Mary’s Obedience

Mary was present at that first Pentecost Sunday. As Pat describes, Mary lived “a Spirit-led life. Mary models fidelity to Christ and his Church. She is called the first disciple of Jesus.” I crave Mary’s obedience to our Lord and His will for her life. If we are able to imitate our Blessed Mother, the Spirit will also instill light and direction in our lives and lead us to a new life in Christ.


About the Author:

Walk in Her Sandals Saturday Lenten ReflectionsBibi Reed is a devout Catholic, a loving wife, and has been blessed with six beautiful children. She has a BA in communications from the University of Connecticut. Bibi is a United States Navy Veteran, where she honorably served her country for six years both at home and abroad. She is a self-taught baker and runs a thriving home-based baking business called BibiCakes.

Currently, Bibi thoroughly enjoys being a catechist for her daughter’s CCD class at her local parish. She’s also passionate and very active in the Pro-Life movement. She loves God, coffee, and reading. Bibi is a native of Colombia. Bibi strives to live a purposeful, Christ-centered life and is focused on bringing others closer to Him.

Her favorite scripture verse is, “Before I formed you in the womb, I knew you.” Jeremiah 1:5