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  • Susan Dazey

    At the age of 46 I went to college
    As a mom of 6 and a grandma of 3 as well as a wife and caretaker of my mom I plowed ahead. I did well and so wanted to teach social studies to kids with learning challenges (youngest son is special needs)
    Went to classes for over 5 years and took all classes for both regular and special education
    When I did my student teaching I did well in regular middle school classes but when assigned to a behavioral class at two different levels I bombed. The lack of effort but more the lack of respect was horrible. The college wanted me to finish but after a lot of tears and prayers I quit trying in special education but ultimately finished in regular with flying colors.
    At the time I didn’t understand why but now I know that pride kept me going and God had different plans for me
    After graduating He revealed it-.for 9 years I worked for the Church and with the help of the Spirit developed a program that had parents staying during RE for their own formation
    Now I work as a volunteer leading adult groups
    So God allows dreams to die so He can resurrect His own plans and He is at all times great

    • Allison Gingras

      Susan, thank you for sharing your story. The gift of Hindsight is so profound sometimes!!!

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