Walk In Her Sandals

Reluctance to Share Her Story

I was a little hesitant when I was asked to write the reflection for Chapter 5 – Easter Sunday:  The Gift of Maternity. You see I wasn’t the best Mom in the world. I went through a very dark, traumatic time in my life: the unexpected death of my father (he was 43), separation from my husband and boys, a fall out with family, divorce, homelessness, being a single parent, unemployment, depression, etc.  I was angry with God because I couldn’t see or hear Him in my darkness. I felt very alone.  I buried this pain deep within my soul – this was my life for 12 years!

However, each cross I endured and each death I experienced, led me closer to God. He reminded me of the faith instilled in me as a cradle Catholic. I watched my grandmother reading her bible despite the crosses in her life (there were many). I watched my mother embrace her faith, despite mourning the death of her beloved.  During this time, God placed many angels (mothers) in my path, which led to a closer relationship with Him. In my desperation, I reached out to Him, just like the hemorrhaging woman in the bible.  It was her faith that saved her.  It was my faith that saved me.

Crosses Bring Us New Life

Through His light, love, and mercy, He raised me from the dead. He made all things new again. I am now married to a godly man and live in a beautiful home. I am a mother to five beautiful children, and six adorable grandchildren.  Our family is very close and our relationship is stronger than ever. Most importantly, God is using my painful past to be a “mother” to others and to bring hope where there is none.

This is not the end; it is the beginning. Each cross, each death brings us to new life – new life in Jesus Christ. Embrace the cross and celebrate the resurrection! Happy Easter!


About the Author:

Donna Luna-Hernandez

Donna Luna-Hernandez is a wife, mother, and grandmother who loves to cook, bake, and spend time with family and friends. After many years of service in the Cursillo and ACTS movements in her diocese, she was led by the Spirit to host a monthly devotional ladies lunch where they broke bread and shared how God was working in their daily lives. She was also inspired to begin a Women’s Organization at her parish in Midland, TX to get more ladies excited and involved in their faith. She is currently introducing WINE to her local parishes by hosting Book Clubs in her home and planning WINE events