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Share your experiences with receiving Holy Communion during a special Mass such as Palm Sunday, Easter, at a Wedding or Funeral, or even on your child’s First Communion.

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  • Lori

    When my husband and daughter received their first communion together it was a tremendous occasion for us all. They also participated in a ceremony of the washing of the feet on Holy Thursday. This was incredible and left us all in tears at the beauty of our closeness as a family with each other and Jesus.

    • Allison Gingras

      Wow. Lori. That must have been so incredible to witness!!! Bringing me tears just thinking about it!

  • Karen

    I remember one time after receiving Holy Communion, I was thanking the Lord for the gift just received. In a special way, I was thanking Him for shedding His blood for me, thinking oddly, a drop for me, a drop for this one or that one; when He whispered to my soul, “It was ALL for you.” That stunned me and I just began to weep at that overwhelming thought. I have never forgotten it.

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