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Walk in Her Sandals Book Club #LentenWalk

Name (at least) one thing you are hoping to implement this Lent to help open your heart to the Lord answering your prayer to increase your faith?

Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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  • Myrna

    I am hoping to further my relationship with the Lord and learn the path that is paved for me. Also, to better understand how as a women I can serve God.

  • Theresa spaits

    I’d like to increase my faith by not being afraid to share my faith with others who are not faithful

  • Allison Gingras

    Theresa, that is one of the easiest, hardest things to do. ha ha. The closer the person is, the harder I find it to share – but I pray my life speaks volumes when words fail me. I love this Lenten Goal!!

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