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Kelly Wahlquist is a wife, mother of three, inspiring Catholic author and speaker residing in Minnesota. She is the founder of WINE: Women In the New Evangelization, Assistant Director for the Archbishop Harry J. Flynn Catechetical Institute, and contributing writer for Her book Created to Relate: God’s Design for Peace & Joy encourages and inspires women to live fully their beautiful God-given gifts for building relationships. She is the creator and editor of  Walk in Her Sandals: Experiencing Christ’s Passion through the Eyes of Women. Kelly travels the country speaking to all on topics that inspire us to live the New Evangelization, but has a special love for speaking at Catholic women’s events.


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  • Allison Hinde

    I have so enjoyed this boos and the input from the others around me. I was thinking last night when I was doing some pondering that I was sorry there was only one chapter left. This seems to be something we need continuously. I hope I am able to stay here after the book is done. Peace and Have a blessed day. The wait for Christ is also part of the book since we are learning while we are waiting and needing to know what is to be done after the birth,


      We’ve enjoyed having you along for the journey, and not just because you have a super cool name (he hee clearly this is Allison Gingras responding). The next book we’ll be journeying with is Kelly Wahlquist’s Created to Relate (which can be found as a bundle in the WINE SHop) … followed in LENT by Walk in Her Sandals. We do very much pray you continue with WINE Book Clubs and maybe even join us at an event near you in 2018!! Happy Advent

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