When Women Pray: Eleven Catholic Women on the Power of Prayer

Small Group Leader Tip #9 for the Autumn Read Between the WINES Book Club

Some women resist facilitating a WINE Book Club small group because of a feared time commitment.  This is a myth. The amount of reading and reflection necessary to facilitate a small group takes the same amount of time as a participant.  It is important to remember a facilitator is not a teacher.  She does not need to know all the answers or come with copious notes unless that is your normal study style.  We’ve already discussed sharing the hosting duties such as dividing refreshment duties, now we’ll look at the personal preparation.  Leaving the facilitator’s role to simply pray for the group, provide a location (not necessarily her own home), and help keep the group on topic.

The best advice for anyone in a WINE Book Club small group? Show up each meeting regardless if you are fully prepared or not.  Life happens.  If you weren’t able to read this week, someone else sure did.  If you don’t read and don’t come to the meeting then you have given God zero opportunity to touch you through the week’s reading.  However, if you come, you may be pleasantly surprised by how He uses your sisters in Christ to touch your heart!

What Has Been Your Experiences with Not Being Fully Prepared for your Small Group Meeting?    Do you go or skip? How has God surprised you when you have come regardless of readiness?