In New Wine Wednesday

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WINE & Shrine with Us in the Virtual Vineyard!

On November 12, forty-eight women from around the country will embark on a pilgrimage to Italy to walk in the footsteps of some of our saintly sisters, and we want to invite you to join us… from the comfort of your home!

The purpose of the WINE & Shrine Women’s Pilgrimage is to grow in holiness as we get to know and build deep relationships with our sisters the saints—and our sisters who are with us on this journey.

Leading up to the pilgrimage, Teresa Tomeo and I help the pilgrims prepare both physically and spiritually. Today, we want to share some of that pilgrimage preparation with you in a post written by Teresa; for even though you may not be traveling with us to Italy, we are all on a pilgrimage back to the heart of the Father and this advice is good advice no matter where you are on your journey.

We also want to invite you to join us November 12-21 via social media. We will be posting updates, pictures, and live video on our Facebook page of our time together in Italy.

Please keep us in your prayers and know that we will be praying for all the women of WINE.


Kelly Wahlquist


Be Still and Know that He is God

Psalm 46:10

Or the Art of Doing Nothing

Being still? Doing nothing?  Seriously?  Seems like an odd thing to suggest before we head out the door on a jam-packed pilgrimage.  After all, we’re traveling to Italy where there is no shortage of stunning churches, museums, piazzas, and other places of interest to take in and absorb. And if you’re like most folks, given everyone’s busy schedules and family commitments, traveling overseas again, is not on the agenda, at least not in the near future.  So, what is all this talk about “being still” with so much to see and do in beautiful Italy?

Well, as my Italian ancestors taught me, it’s all about the art of doing nothing.  For example, the attached video was recorded in one of the premiere places for “doing nothing” or being still; the old section of Trastevere which translated basically means along the Tiber river.  This area of the Eternal city is a favorite of mine, Kelly’s, and Joan’s.  It is filled with quaint cobblestone streets, lovely courtyards, terracotta roof tops, along with countless quaint relaxing coffee shops and wine bars where you can grab a glass of vino or a cappuccino (before noon only on the cappuccino please) and just take in the surroundings.

Doing nothing or being still, if you take the time to notice, is actually a way of life for Italians.  They don’t rush through meals.  There is always time to take a break in the middle of the day and doing nothing is actually doing something very important.  It gives one time to relax and to reflect.  It also gives you time to thank God for the experience of being in such an amazing land that because of its natural beauty as well as being the home of the Catholic faith, lends itself to much contemplation and appreciation.

So, bottom line sisters, although we have a busy schedule, work in some free time; time for you to hopefully do nothing which is something quite beneficial to the spiritual life; to be still and know that He is God.  He is a great and loving God indeed and a God that gave us, what I think, is the most beautiful place on earth!  Viva Italia!

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  • Maria Sacco

    I will be following you as you travel in Italy. I opened this video, just as my husband is getting ready for work and asked me what i would be doing this morning. I will start this day, savoring the moments when I can bask in the Joy of my being. In a few moments, I will leave for morning mass to BE with the Lord. Thank you Teresa for sharing your gift with me. And just as an aside, how good it is to remember the wonders of being an Italian woman. Gratefully, Maria Sacco

  • Carrieb

    BEfore I go round this today, my husband and I were talking that what I really want to remember while on this trip is to savor very moment. Wow Teresa– you timing was perfect. See you next week!

  • Marissa

    Italy is on my bucket list. I’m looking forward to following your posts. I hope you can do some live sessions.

  • Jacqy Weber

    Almost like being there. Thank you for sharing this prepation and actual trip each day with us. Italy is also on my bucket list.
    I am getting excited for everyone traveling. in the group. My beautiful sisters I will be with you in prayer.

  • Kathy Johnson

    Sounds like a fun filled and rewarding time. I will be following your posts. Going to Italy is on my bucket list. And thanks for sharing.

  • Karen

    Italy is also on our bucket list. I enJOYed your first post – your apartment looks like the perfect place for quiet time! Beautiful spot !
    My quiet time for prayer and reflection is in the morning after my husband leaves for work, before the sun rises and I need to leave for work. I work at our middle school guidance office please pray for all the children who enter guidance offices. These are the children who need extraordinary graces, Peace and God’s mercy. Have a Wonderful time!
    I’m Looking forward to your posts and live videos. We Plan to go for my 60th bday in 3 years ! EnJOY !!!
    Karen praying in PA

  • Linda

    Sign me up for the next trip!

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