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When Women Pray: Eleven Catholic Women on the Power of Prayer 

This week we spend time contemplating God’s Overflowing Grace.

When I first reverted back to practicing the Catholic Faith in 2005, I signed up to lead a Summer Bible Study in my parish. I knew so very little about the faith but felt compelled to provide an opportunity for women to come together to share, discuss, and learn more about growing in relationship with Jesus. During the week about grace, when called to share my thoughts on GRACE that I realized I had absolutely no idea how to define it.  To my rescue came a sweet, gentle, slightly more mature woman stood up and said, “Grace to me is God’s Holy Spirit living and moving within me.”  That jumpstarted my quest to learn (and beg to receive) as much about grace as I could!!!


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  • Marie

    Grace is God’s helping goodness.

  • Deann

    As a Gratitude from God that we are all saved in Jesus Christ. That at His mercy He whom sacrifices can find mercy in Him. I love the fact that we are justified By the Spirit the Father, and the Holy Ghost. He is our survived truth that manifest over weaknesses, and that the fatherless our saved, and can reside in our Father of whom creates understanding without invalidation’s. As we seek, our faith, creates valediction. Amen.

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