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Each Friday a Quote from that week’s featured Saint will be shared for discussion.

How can we be more attentive to those around us?

Are you willing to consent to God being the Master of your heart?  What does that look like to you?

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  • Allison Hinde

    One of the ways we can be more attentive is just to talk to them personally if possible. Pray for them, send a note, text . Just ask how they are. I talk to people who are not with me all of the time. I am content most of the time to allow God be the master of my heart, I get full of peace, happiness, and joy. But every once in awhile I take over ant hings get screwed up again. Oh well, I am human. Have a blessed day


      GREAT suggestions!!!

  • llmn2004

    I am awe struck by the complete peace that comes over me thru the Holy
    Spirit when I am attentive. I question myself with thoughts like “why did I put God on the shelf today?”
    How do I loss that drive to get back into the peace of the Holy Spirit? This is when I reflect and return
    to making “God the master of my heart,” thru prayer, meditation and chapel solitude.

    • Allison Gingras

      When I am attentive…. ah that key phrase will be with me all day!! That is the missing piece for me most days. Thank you for sharing your thoughtS!

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