By Angie Koenig

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I got some interesting advice recently. I met with a nun who is devoted to Divine Mercy, something I am also devoted to. In talking with her and telling her my story she said, “You need to slow down, you’re too revved up.”  Not exactly the words of encouragement I was expecting.

I get really excited when I talk about the things that have strengthened my faith and what has turned me from a robot Catholic to a Catholic alive with the Spirit. I get “revved up” about a lot of things in life, so to me it was normal. This wise nun saw deeper though, and reminded me that we don’t hear God in the earthquake, we hear Him in the whisper.

I’ve never been good at hearing anything when it’s whispered; I’d rather it be yelled through a megaphone, just to be sure that I hear it correctly. So when I was told I needed to slow down and purposely pause, I was not actually surprised one bit. It’s something I’ve knowingly avoided my entire life, the honest silence.

Our relationship with Jesus, our spiritual dating life as I like to call it, needs to be slow and deliberate. We need to pause and allow the silent outpouring of love between the Father and the Son—the Holy Spirit—to enter into our spiritual dating life as well. In none of my revved up moments have I actually heard God or let the Holy Spirit into my thoughts. It’s always been those quiet moments, in adoration, at Mass, during my nightly prayers, that I’ve heard that still small voice and felt the love of the Trinity consume me.

The problem is, I don’t devote enough of my day to silence. Like some people are afraid of the dark, I am afraid of the quiet. A fear that is keeping me from the unhurried gentle whispering love that Jesus wants me to hear and feel.

Falling head over heels in love with Jesus isn’t a split-second crash like I picture in my head. It’s a slow, graceful, deliberate descent that allows the loving embrace of Jesus to catch me long before I hit the pavement. It gives Jesus the opportunity to look straight into the depths of my soul and whisper the words we all need to hear: I love you and you are Mine

Sisters, I invite you today to take your relationship with Jesus to the next level, by taking it slow. In the midst of your busy day, pause at least once. Pause, and allow yourself to fall into the arms of Jesus, be consumed by His loving embrace, and wait for the whisper.

About the Author:

Angie Koenig is a passionate follower of Jesus working her way through life as a Millennial.  She is the youngest of nine children and embraces her role as a daughter, sister, aunt and friend.  Her faith journey has had many unexpected turns and she has recently embraced her calling as a writer to witness to God’s mercy and unfailing love.  Angie currently resides in Eau Claire, WI where she enjoys anything that involves coffee.