By Kate Anderson

Untitled by Cheryl Holt via Pixabay. CCO

Lord, it is good that we are here. My heart has echoed this little verse in countless moments of goodness: Arriving home on the last day of school with all of summer stretched out ahead. Singing silly in the car with my sister. Encountering my Savior anew through the sacraments. Have you caught glimpses of these everyday Heaven moments, too? Perhaps surrounded by loved ones during the holidays? Or maybe during a retreat when the Lord has renewed your faith and devotion?

These sweet times of gladness might be likened to today’s Gospel experience of Peter, James, and John. Our dear Jesus invites us to join these holy fellas as we climb up the high mountain with Him. After following this Teacher through difficult days and wonky weeks, He astonishes us by piercing our everyday mundane with His glory.

At first recognition of His goodness, simply being present to the beautiful moment is enough. We delight in the scenery, the pleasantries, and abundance of the moment. Our comfortability slowly transforms into greed, however, when we offer that same suggestion that lead Peter to a sanctifying scolding: “Hey, Jesus! I’ve been thinking – This is a pretty nice setup we have here. Maybe we should just stay a while longer. We have everything we need on the mountain, right? No need to go back down there into the messiness of real life….”

Such love and mercy there must have been in the cloud which covered the mountain that day. God still uses these holy shadows to remind us who we are talking to. When the coffee grows cold, the sun sets, and the guests go home, are we still grateful for what has been given? After we realize the pettiness of grumbling and groveling toward our loving Father, we find ourselves cowering in humility right next to the disciples.

But there is no need to fret, my friends! The disciples saw Jesus alone when they raised their eyes. The wondrous glories from heaven drifted from present reality to mere memory as they began to recognize the divinity of their Teacher. With the gentlest touch, Jesus reminds the disciples (and us) that His divinity is equally matched by his humanity. How merciful for our Lord to show us His solidarity with all of humankind. This truth frees us from continually needing the signs and wonders of Mountaintop Moments. While the Transfiguration was a beautiful time for the disciples, our hope lies in the knowledge that Jesus came down from the mountain with them.

Are you wearied by the hills and valleys of this life? Are your Mountaintop Moments vague memories you can barely recollect? Be not afraid. The same Jesus who met you there has led you down from the mountain and walks with you always. Spiritual altitude aside, you can rest in the knowledge that His continual presence is transfiguring us every day.

About the Author:

Kate Anderson is a young Catholic with an old soul. After earning her Bachelor’s degree in Organizational Communication from Bethel University this spring, she will pursue meaningful work in public relations, human resources, or event management.  Kate enjoys playing the piano, conversing with kindred spirits over warm beverages, and reading spiritual books.