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For Discussion:

Do you find the idea of being committed to prayer attainable?

In what ways have you been able to provide humble service to others?

What does a life “wholly sustained by God” mean to you?

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  • Allison Gingras

    This is such a great quote from Who Does He Say You Are … the minute I read it , I thought, THIS IS MY NEW TO-DO List!! Thinking about how to be committed to prayer or to find ways to keep my mind and heart fixed on Jesus in my everyday life. Humbly serving others even if that means for now just setting my heart to serve my family with joy and patience. And to allow all in my life to fall under God’s providence and fidelity. Without fear, doubt or battling for control!! HA!! I KNOW It has to all be way easier than I making it; because God would never set me up to fail – HE would never ask the Impossible of me!! Anna is such a beautiful example of the blessings of a life united with God. Bottom LINE … YOU get to meet Jesus 😉

  • Allison Hinde

    Being committed to God sounds daunting. until you realize that he is just in the back of your mind in all you do and think. It is so easy alone and in the silence, but taking a deep breathe when it is noise and confusion may be hard. And it is practice. Sometimes when you are humbly serving myself I think that I am also serving myself because of the rewards that come from it. Doing it without thinking. Thank you for sending the book.

    • Allison Gingas

      First, I REALLY Like your name 😉 You even spell it ‘right’ ha ha ha. Thank you for your very thoughtful thoughts on this quote!!

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