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Daily Reflection WINE Women in the New Evangelization Summer Book Club


For Discussion:

What “yes” to God are you wrestling with or at peace with currently in your life?

How does your faith help you prepare for the tasks God has for you?

Between The WINES Summer Book Club

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  • Allison Gingras

    My hubby Kevin and I are trying to master being better stewards of our finances, which we are slowly learning, are really GOD’s finances! He gives us these treasures temporarily for our sojourn upon the earth, but ultimately none of it remains ours. For years, I was a marketers dream and a consumer nightmare – racking up lots of debt and never thinking about the future. Just a year away from my 50th bday and I guess it is time I figure this stuff out! IT is hard to curb my desires for shoes and going out to eat but we ‘ve found that the Lord is so faithful to our attempts to change and learn – giving us incredible insight, renewed and sustained strength and yes even satisfaction on this new journey. We are trying to say YES to serving God over Mammon!

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