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How would you characterize your relationship with Mary?

In what ways does Mary model how you do or would like to follow Jesus?

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  • Karen Sheehy

    I just love Mother Mary’s intelligent, quiet and brave guidance. Recently, I have been thinking a lot about her role in the early Church, especially prior to Pentecost, when she encouraged the fear filled and grief stricken disciples through her steadfast faith and devotion. She is my counsel, my comforter, my inspiration. How similar are her qualities to those of the Holy Spirit. No surprise, since she is the ultimate vessel of love!


    I’m kinda new to the Marian Devotion. I’ve found that my relationships with God, as Father, and Mary, as Mother have mirrored their earthly counterparts – and it has been a long struggle to relate to them as THEY ARE and not as I perceive them to be. I also made the mistake of missing Mary’s HUMANNESS — and pondering all she encountered during her life in light of that. Doing so has taught me a whole lot about the POWER of Grace!!

  • Deidra Gibson

    I love Mother Mary! She has been my mother for as long as I can remember. My middle name is Marie, which is a form of Mary. I have had a devotion to her all my life. I made a consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary about 2 years ago. Now my husband and I went through the 33 Days to Morning Glory together. Tomorrow is our consecration day!!! She has been with me through all those lonely years until I met my husband, through our marriage, and the birth and raising of our five sons. She is awesome!!!

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