By Deborah Kendrick

When the woman in Bethany poured the precious oil over Jesus, some of His followers scoffed, calling it a waste.  Jesus precisely told them she was anointing Him for His burial.  She was preparing the way for the future.  In advance of His suffering, crucifixion and death, she was preparing His body for the grave, performing the final reverence before it was wrapped in linen and the tomb sealed.  Her profound, heartfelt act would be remembered in the telling of Jesus’ story throughout all the ages and into the entire world.  One offering by one woman meant so much to Him.

While the disciples had parsed the moment assessing the monetary value of the oil, this dear woman gave us an exemplary lesson of a life poured out to God.  Her alabaster bottle was lovely and costly. Its contents were even lovelier and of greater value.  Only when the bottle was broken could that which was precious flow out.  And so it is with our own lives. We are created by the hand of God, each one unique, precious in His sight.  Yet there remains a brokenness that presents itself to each of our lives.

It nearly always catches us unawares. Rushing down the path of life, we hit a bump in the road.  Everything about this bump screams “failure.” When this happened in my own life, I found that my first line of defense was to silence the disparaging voices.  When I recovered the place where Peace reigns in my heart, I could hear the Holy Spirit. I am always leading My people.  I am leading them to My Heart.  They think, however, that I am leading them to success.  The bumps in the road are put there to keep you on the path so you do not make a wrong turn.

And herein lies a sublime choice.  Jesus encouraged us to fall upon the stone and be broken, thereby sparing the stone falling and crushing us. Our Father, in His Eternal Mercy, loves us too much to leave us as we are. We are being changed from Glory to Glory.  When the painful circumstances that produce brokenness present themselves, we have two choices: bitterness or holiness. 

We are created to know God and to love Him. Our own brokenness allows that which is most precious to begin to pour into and ultimately out of us.  We become the perfume of His Presence.  May God grace us to find ourselves “wasting” our lives on Jesus.

Dear Jesus, You are our refuge and our strength and our ever-present help in time of trouble. Keep us as the apple of your eye and under the shadow of your wings.  Show us Your Glory that we may be changed.  Grace us to embrace all of Your goodness and all of Your loveliness that our lives may be poured out for You.  You are the King of Glory.  Amen


About the Author:

Deborah Kendrick came into the Catholic Church in 2011 through her interaction with Catholics in ecumenical meetings though out Europe, where she was a conference speaker and led retreats for twenty years.  During her testimony, she says,  “The French Catholics just loved me into the Church.”  She was first ignited for the Lord at the beginning of the outpouring of the Charismatic Renewal.  With her husband William, a fine artist, and their five children they traveled extensively, living in France, England and Israel. Deborah’s heart is to see people know and receive the love God has for them which encompasses a New Pentecost for the new evangelization.  God is calling us closer in this hour. Open hearts bring an open Heaven.  You can view more of William’s paintings at


Drawing courtesy of William Kendrick.  Used with permission.  All rights reserved.