In Walk in Her Sandals - Option A

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  • Allison

    This chapter of Walk in Her Sandals Is just BRILLIANT. Sarah Christmyer’s whole analogy of the stages of the sunrise matching the Apostles’ awakening to what was HAPPENING with Jesus as Easter dawns. INCREDIBLE!
    I am still trying to decipher what Jesus’ Resurrection means to me – some days I feel like I closer to understanding than others. What I wish … is that the HOPE He brings would stay with me LONGER than the anxiety the world brings!

  • Judy

    The Easter “Son-rise” means everything to me. Without Jesus resurrecting from the dead, I would be doomed to hell forever.

    Now that the veil was torn in two on Good Friday–making clear the path to entering God’s kingdom–Jesus’ resurrection is the culmination of the immense love God has for us. He wants us to get to heaven. He has made a path for us to follow. The Son-rise is about hope, love, and faith. It is encouragement to rise above adversity. It tells the story of God’s infinite love and how he so wants to be part of our daily lives, along with his Son and the Holy Spirit. He wants us to embrace our richly blessed lives as believers.

  • Mary

    The “Son-rise” is the reason for my hope. His promise gives me the strength to carry my crosses. I long to be with Him.

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