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  • Allison

    Today, I thought we would take a closer look at Mary, and her role as model of faith. Even as a “cradle” Catholic, it has taken me years to incorporate Mary into my faith life. Well, to be honest took me a while to bring Jesus aboard – but that’s another story. In meeting more and more converts, I see this assimilation can be even more difficult. How well does Kelly’s tender quote from the Week 4 reading reflect your relationship with Our Blessed Mother – especially in times of trouble?

  • Judy

    How well does this tender quote reflect my relationship with Our Blessed Mother, especially in times of trouble?

    God gave us teachers. Mary and Jesus are the top two. I’m closing my eyes to imagine Mary there on Calvary. She most likely is on bended knee with eyes full of tears as she sees the culmination of her calling as the Mother of God.

    My relationship with Mary is still evolving.
    In times of trouble, Mary is an anchor. I call on her for help. When trouble is not in my path, I still turn to Mary usually in the form of the Rosary or interceding prayers.

    Mary showed them, with her own actions, how to do what Jesus told them to do-to watch and pray…A powerful image I will carry close to my heart.

    She taught them to be patient in tribulation, and constant in prayer… Even in her deepest grief, Mary showed how to follow Christ. These are behaviors I hope to emulate in my life.

  • Mary

    Mary shows her incredible strength and love at Calvary. Watching her son be tortured and killed, any mother’s worst nightmare. She stayed with him to comfort him. She walked with him in his darkest hour, where only one of his disciples followed. Heroic.

    I know she is always with me and shares my pain too. I don’t know how I would have gotten through tough times without her support and love. I am so glad she is my mother and shows me how to be the best mother to my children.

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