In Walk in Her Sandals - Option A

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  • Judy

    A time “of little faith” for me was March 16, 2017. I was squatting to take a picture, lost my balance, hit pretty hard on the park’s walkway; my left shoulder, then the crown of my head. Saw stars and felt nauseous. Went home but was fearful of falling asleep. Spoke with my husband who tried to assure me that it is okay to fall asleep. I never took a nap regardless of how tired I was. That night I literally cried my eyes out from fear of falling asleep-that I might not wake up. The evil one had been digging his talons into me more and more as the day went on. I was in full grip fear from the deep hold the evil one had on me. How I remained faithful was my husband repeatedly telling me “all will be okay.” We said a couple of prayers together. That’s when peace took over to fill in the places where the grip of the evil one’s eagle talons were firmly entrenched. Then I fell asleep on my tear stained pillow.

    Prayer is such a powerful weapon against the evil one. Since fear was set in early, paranoia grew all day as fear’s companion. I literally worked myself into a frenzy. I don’t remember feeling like this for a couple decades. Praise God!

    In looking back, the reason my fear was so intense stemmed from a series of falls I had in Nebraska while helping my daughter (Dec 2016-Feb 2017). God protected me then.Why had I not recalled his saving grace this time? Because of the evil one. Wow, the evil one really is evil…sickly evil. Hey evil one, meet my best friend. His name is Jesus.

    • Allison

      Ha Judy …. liked how you wrapped that thought up. Thanks for sharing – the mind really is a battlefield. Prayer – even just the sign of the cross – truly is a powerful weapon.

  • Stephanie Landsem

    Thank you for sharing your story, Judy. I am always amazed and disheartened when I realize how quickly I forget God’s faithfulness to me in the past. It’s like the evil one has a little brain eraser that he uses to make us forget! I have to pray constantly to remember all the times he has taken care of me and not let worry and anxiety take control.

    • Allison

      Ah Worry and Anxiety — if they were Olympic events I’d be a GOLD MEDALIST!! How quickly they blot out God’s voice from my heart!

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