In Walk in Her Sandals - Option A

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  • Judy

    How have I seen the Gift of Sensitivity manifest itself in my life?

    Two examples come to mind…

    When my Mother-in-Law was in the end stages of life, I would ask her questions and write them along with her answers in a notebook. I then asked her for any parting words for each of her seven kids. Others starting writing the things she would say during their time with her. My sister-in-law cherishes this notebook, and pulls it out when missing her mom who went to heaven Sept 17, 2002.

    When at a FaithWriters retreat last July, I walked passed an Asian woman. She was beautiful. I stopped to tell her my thoughts. She immediately hugged me, then went on to say that her recently deceased husband would say that to her all the time. The Holy Spirit was working thru me to help ease her sorrow.


      Oh my gosh, that’s the sweetest idea ever!!! It is amazing how the Spirit will use us if we are willing.

  • Mary Duecker

    I am someone who has always cried very easily, whether happy or sad. For much of my life I was embarrassed and even ashamed of it. As I grew deeper in faith and accepted that I was, ” fearfully and wonderfully made,” Psalm 139:14, I realized that God graced me with the gift of sensitivity. ( Empathy is my #1 strength on the Strength Finder Survey)

    God does not make mistakes, I feel things deeply and that helps me relate to people. I think it has made me a better wife, mother, daughter, sister, and friend. I used to view my extreme sensitivity as a weakness, now I see it as a strength. I reach out to the people I love, I strive to walk with them in their trials and sorrow. I accept their love and comfort when they see my pain. It is humbling to allow myself to be taken care of, but I know how much I grow in love when I can be the giver of comfort and love.

    After all, God is love. Christ is love come to earth. The Holy Spirit is the breath of love who fills us up, when we are sensitive enough to feel His presence and let him in.

    Peace and God’s love sister’s.

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