In Walk in Her Sandals - Option A

Glass Painting by nataliaaggiato via Pixabay CCO


Option #1:  Read the quote, ponder the question and leave your thoughts in the comments below

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Option #3:  Do Both!

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  • Judy

    Day 14: Absolutely! Anything worthwhile requires sacrifices. For example, during Lent, I’m not one to give up a food or vice. That would only make me crabby. Instead, I invest extra time with Christ sacrificing my free time from doing things that do not matter as much. This is an investment in my future.

    • Allison

      Judy, you clearly know yourself very well. I love the way you concluded with ‘investment in your future’ amen!

  • Elaine

    I disagree! In my experience, every good thing that has come to me has been a gift from God, unearned, undeserved–unconditional gift. I have been blessed to be born into a loving family, I’ve had a good job and loyal friends, I live in a free country, I’ve never known war, I am healthy, I’ve always had enough to eat, a home, clothes, more than I need. I’ve done nothing to earn all these favors. They are pure gift not a result of my sacrifice.
    Or perhaps, it was Jesus’s ultimate sacrifice (not mine) that opened up the gates of heaven so that these blessings could flow down upon me.

    • Allison

      Elaine, you are indeed a very blessed woman!

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