In Walk in Her Sandals - Option A

feet by bailozleann0 via Pixabay CC0


Option #1:  Read the quote, ponder the question and leave your thoughts in the comments below

Feel free to reply to the comments from the others on this walk with us!

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Option #3:  Do Both!

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  • Judy

    My husband. He is the supposed patriarch of his family. He’s 4th out of 7 kids yet he’s the one who steps up in taking care of two siblings; one in a group home, another in long-term care nursing home. There is another brother who lives locally, and helps out a lot too, but he’s moved away twice. My husband says he cannot do that; to walk away from siblings in their time of need? No way. There’s another local sibling who barely functions on his own. Two other siblings live out of town. They’re wrapped up in their own lives (aren’t we all?), and from afar unable to shoulder any of the responsibilities that my husband takes care of. He cares from the heart. He is deeply spiritual, and uses his talents to help out those most in need, because he can, and they cannot.

    • Allison

      Judy that is beautiful – he is definitely a great example!

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