In Walk in Her Sandals - Option A

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Option #1:  Read the quote, ponder the question and leave your thoughts in the comments below

Feel free to reply to the comments from the others on this walk with us!

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  • Mary Elizabeth

    The Cross IS His throne. There are three duties of kingship: (The real kind, like Albert the Great.) To defend the realm; to do justice for his people; and to give good laws. On the Cross Jesus defended humanity, His realm, from Satan. He opened the gates of heaven to those who in justice should enter. And He firmly established the laws of love and sacrifice. Gold and jewels do not make a king.

    • Allison

      Whoa… that will be my reflection for the day. I love when the imagery God gives us is so vivid; like the roles of the Shepherd in lieu of Jesus as the Good Shepherd. I know God designed it to teach and guide us; but it still always knocks my socks off !

  • Elizabeth

    I ponder this questions a lot- and I think the answer can be very simple! He is the Son on God….God made flesh…the one true Messiah….the Risen King….Lord of all….He is Father, Son, and Holy Spirit! He is the answer to our salvation!

    • Allison

      Sometimes when I am having a difficult day, I just like to pray the names of Jesus. Today, I will use your post to praise His name – you have reminded me of who He is that I tend to forget!

  • Karen Fugelo

    I read this question first thing this morning /Monday and thought about it and wrote about it throughout my day.
    On the surface it seemed a simple question, however, I struggled – My vocabulary to describe him was too limited….
    My mind is too limited to fully comprehend him, my heart too small to contain all the love he has.
    He is perfect and there are no perfect words (And for me to have No written words is something 🙂
    Jesus is my Lord and God.
    He is God’s one and only Son.
    Jesus helps us to know God personally and experience God’s love.
    Jesus gives fulfillment, peace and joy.

    I believe My life – and the life of my husband, children, their spouses and our future grandchildren
    will be affected by my answer to this question…
    At 56yo I am trying to develop a more personal relationship with Jesus through daily prayer.
    I am only just getting to know who Jesus Christ is. Feels like the tip of an iceberg.
    I am still discovering what he has made me for and what he has planned so I
    can live for him forever.
    I turn to him for daily inspiration.
    I know he never leaves our side.
    He is more than a father, more than a devoted spouse — I just can’t fully comprehend his perfect love.
    So I choose to emulate him and serve him and hope others see his love in me and I see his love in others.
    I believe I can be transformed if I more completely yielded my life to Jesus.

    • Allison

      I love that you carried this reflection with you throughout the day; and it shows in your very thoughtful response. Thank you for posting this; it has given me much to think about throughout my day now.

  • Lela

    Jesus is the ‘answer’ to everything – the one who meets me where I’m at & invites me to be so much more – He lifts me up to higher ground – He is where my worth, dignity, respect, hope & strength comes from – He is Truth & Light for all.

  • Becca

    Today’s Mass Gospel is Jesus teaching us the Our Father prayer. The homily I heard was that God is always waiting for me to come to him in prayer and the gift of the Holy Spirit gives me the strength to respond to him in prayer. As a mom and wife and employee, I respond to others’ needs all day and well into the night. How often to I allow myself to respond to God’s call to sit, be silent and listen? This is my hope for Lent this year, that my ears and heart are open enough to hear God call me to stop and spend time with him and to act on it!

  • Elaine

    Who is Jesus? He is the one who dwells within me–the source of any goodness and light that may come from me. He is the one who embraces me in the Holy Eucharist. He is my refuge and my strength. He is the poor, the hungry, the lonely, the refugee, the outcast, the one I encounter when I venture outside my comfort zone. He is the one walking next to me, accompanying me, walking in front of me, leading me, walking behind me, pushing me. Within and without. He is my everything.

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