In Walk in Her Sandals - Option A

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Option #1:  Read the quote, ponder the question and leave your thoughts in the comments below

Feel free to reply to the comments from the others on this walk with us!

Option #2:  Join the WINE Lenten Book Club on Facebook

Option #3:  Do Both!

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  • Amanda Torres

    Thank you for doing this, Allison!

    I am hoping for a strong conversion of heart this Lent and I started it by logging off Facebook. While that has helped, I’m finding even more than that what I need to do is let go and leave room for God’s presence.

    (I do wish I wasn’t missing the discussion on FB, but I might have to check in on Sunday!)

    • Allison

      Are you kidding, this is THIS CATHOLIC DORK’s dream come true!! All of you to share Lent with!! The thank you goes to you for making the time to visit, read, reflect and share!!

      As for Sunday … YES, come visit us on FB on Sunday. It is a Solemnity — so fasting required. *No I am not leading you into temptation. He hee…it is a fact 🙂

  • Elaine

    “I must diminish; He must increase.” That is my goal this Lent.

  • Allison Hinde

    I hope that I can find my self doing something that can last for the next year. Last year i decided not to eat meat on Fridays outside of Lent. now I am working on doing 10 -15 minutes more a day of praying and finding ways to help others and think more of what the readings are. I also wanted to give up up the internet but have found it has come part of the culture. my children only send messages there. If I had, I would not be here now. Peace and all good things

    • Allison

      First. LOVE your name, your mother even spelt it right he hee!
      I love these baby-step type Lenten activities. That long term thought process is beautiful. I feel that way about my TV fast; and do find I watch less after Easter but by Christmas and the Hallmark movie season I am back at wasting too many hours before the tube!!

  • Karan

    I would love to learn how to have more of a conversation with Jesus when I pray…not just sitting and reciting prayers. I would like to have more of a personal relationship with HIM!

  • GEnie

    I hope to listen more and talk less when I pray. I think the process of meditative prayer is already facilitating the ability to listen more.

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