So, How Does This Work?

The online DAILY DISCUSSION FORMAT will be as follows:
  • Sunday will be an intro and reflection to help you prepare your reading and/or small group discussion from Allison Gingras (aka me).
  • Monday will feature “Enter the Scripture” written by Sarah Christmyer.
  • Tuesday the focus will be on the Biblical Fiction written by Stephanie Landsem
  • Wednesday we’ll dive into the gifts of womanhood with Pat Gohn.
  • Thursday will be our day to reflect on the meaning with 6 incredible stories shared by 6 equally incredible women!
  • Friday will be time to consider some of Dr. Carol Younger’s group discussion questions.
  • Saturday after a fabulous week of pondering and prayer – we share how we’ll put our Faith into Action along with suggestions from WINE founder, Kelly Wahlquist.

Reading Schedule:

Ash Wed – Saturday, March 4th – Introduction pgs 1 – 8
Sunday, March 5th – Saturday, March 11: Chapter 1
Sunday, March 12 – Saturday, March 18: Chapter 2
Sunday, March 19 – Saturday, March 25: Chapter 3
Sunday, March 26 – Saturday, April 1: Chapter 4 (and I’m not Fooling!)
Sunday, April 2 – Saturday, April 8: Chapter 5
Sunday, April 9 – Saturday, April 15: Chapter 6 (Holy Week!)
*This is how the online discussion will flow; but of course this does not mean that each WINE ‘in real life’ small group will or needs to follow this same schedule. This is how the daily quotes will be organized in the WINE Lenten Book Club group on Facebook as well as here on the website.
What an honor and joy to share this Lenten WALK with you!