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  • Judy

    Focus more earnestly and consciously in making sacrifices to unite with the supreme sacrifice Jesus made on the Cross. Be it setting aside part of my meal, passing on a sweet treat, not buying a wanted item (it’s not a need), these small offerings are not deprivation. They are intentional behaviors that get me out of my head and into the heart of others. Each sacrifice is united with the Cross when I connect it to specific people or situations. Examples: the sick-Joe, Laurie, Angie; for my Bible study friends; for the people affected by the recent tornadoes; for the unborn, etc. I want to get back into this mindset of daily living that draws me closer to Christ.

    • Allison

      Judy, I absolutely LOVE the way you worded this!! Thank you for my morning reflection!

  • Genie

    I hope to spend more time in meditative prayer–15 minutes/day, listening to God.

    This week, I am focusing on I John 3:1 ” Behold what love God has bestowed on us that we are called children of God. Yet so we are.” I found this verse in the Magnificat Lenten Companion prayers section–the prayer about love.

    Amazing, the love of God for me that I am a child of God. So I am!!! Praise the Lord!!

    • Allison

      I love 1 John – one of my favorite verses, “For we have come to know and rely on the Love that God has for us” has sustained me through many a toil. Thanks for giving me another reason to open that letter!

  • Judy

    What gifts has God graced you with to wok in his vineyard?

    A Fruits of the Spirit assessment discovered that my top two spiritual gifts are Exhortation (Encourager), and Teacher. Complimenting others and acknowledging other’s accomplishments comes naturally to me. So does teaching. I enjoy learning, and helping others achieve their potential is instinctive.

    A Now Discover Your Strengths assessment, revealed two of my top five strengths as Connectedness and Empathy. These are strengths determined in the first few days of conception. It has to do with brain synapses, and it’s all God designed. Connectedness is about having faith in the links between all things, believes there are few coincidences, and that almost every event has a reason.

    • Ann

      Judy, Where did you find your assessments?

  • Judy

    Day 3, What are my hopes for this Lent?
    To place God at the center of my decisions. I keep choosing things that are not in my best interest. If I consult God first, even though the answer may not be something I’m delighted about, then I know it’s the best decision for my life. At times I can be impulsive; other times it’s hard to make a decision. Both have consequences. I can eliminate the consequences if I bring God into the center of my decisions.

    • Allison

      This reminds me of Romans 7 – I will share the Allison abridged version. St Paul basically says I know what I should do but I continually choose not to. OH can I relate to that; your words ring with me. What a wonderful insight on how to make those outta decisions must more often. Thanks Judy for sharing – know you have a friend on the same walk!!

  • Judy

    Day 4, Lord,
    Open my heart to discover all the good you want for me as we walk together, side-by-side, on this Lenten journey.
    Open my being to receive from you the gifts you freely give to me.
    Open my ears to hear you gently whisper my name when I get lost or go astray.
    Open my eyes to see the beauty in the barren wilderness.
    Open my mind to expand with new insights received on the dusty trails.
    Open my hands to turn over rocks to discover the treasures of this journey.
    Keep my tongue quiet so I can cherish the silence and solitude of Lent.
    In your Holy name, I pray. Amen.

  • Judy

    Day 5, How can we prepare ourselves this Lent to be open to receive all the Lord has for us?

    Trust in God, lean not on your own understanding – Proverbs 3:5
    Turn to God and pray for the willingness to be open. Pray for the willingness to receive.

    When we hit resistance, we’re going against God’s plan. Pray for the willingness to avoid resistance. Pray for the willingness to place God at the center of our decisions.

    In my God writing part of journaling today, the Holy Spirit whispered:
    In the silence, be still
    In the silence, come to me
    In the silence, open your heart
    In the silence, rest with me.

  • Judy

    Day 6, Who is Jesus?
    He is the lover of my soul. He is my everything. He’s my best friend, big brother, confidant, healer of my soul, forgiver of my sins, puts up U-turn signs when I lose my way, and my example of how to live, help others, treat others-and myself, forgive others-and myself. He is the very air I breathe. He is my Savior, my Redeemer, my Rock.

  • Judy

    After posting my response above, I came across something from three years ago. I don’t believe in coincidences, they are more like God winks. He winked on me today this prayer from Elmer Landon with Landon Ministries from three years ago. So point on still.

    I need to have faith, Lord, that You guide my steps and, when it appears that I might be losing, the losses I face may only be part of the process that I must go through to attain the ultimate victory You have me destined for. Amen.

    • Allison

      I call them godcidences 🙂 I don’t believe in coincidence either 🙂

  • Judy

    Day 7, We can feel God takes forever to answer our prayers. How do we stay hopeful and faithful in the waiting?

    One thing I do is to write prayer requests on sticky notes, which I date, and place them randomly in my Bible. When I find myself obsessing over the issue, I remember my prayer request. I remind myself that I handed that over to God in exchange for peace of mind.and heart.

    Many of my prayers have been answered – a great amount in ways different than I had hoped. Other prayers remain unanswered in my Bible. This is why I date my prayer requests. It helps me remember how God’s timing is not in my expectations. My heart sinks when unanswered prayers seemingly go unnoticed by God. That’s when I recall Ecclesiastes 3:1-8 … There is a time for everything. Besides, some unanswered prayers are blessings in disguise.

  • Judy

    Day 8, Name some ways you make the women in your life feel special.
    Talk on the phone
    Mail greeting cards
    Buy small gifts
    Vacation with them
    Compliment them
    Thank them for being my friend
    Give them hugs
    Pray with them
    Worship together at church
    Study the Bible with them
    Do spiritual book studies together
    Go on retreats with them
    Tell them I love them
    Sit in silence with them
    Send text messages and emails
    Be with them at the hospital
    Pray for them

    • Allison

      Thorough list indeed. Just add Buy them Coffee and/or Wine and it is definitely complete. I loved this.. made me really consider when the last time I did some of these was!

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