By Sharon Wilson


All Saints day seems to get all the hype. It is, after all, a Holy Day of obligation.  As does All Hollows Eve or as people call it – Halloween, which has turned into a day of mass consumption of candy!  But All Souls Day holds a special place in my heart.
All Souls, a holy day set aside for honoring the dead, has been for me a place of healing.  Many parishes offer a special Mass on All Souls day and specifically ask those who have lost a loved one to attend.
The first time I attended a Requiem Mass (Mass for the Dead) was a few years after my son, Jordan, died from Sudden Infant Death.  It was then I learned that, in the Mass, we are celebrating with the Saints and Angels and that my little Jordan was there with me.  He, my loved ones and I are together in God’s love that breaks through the veil between heaven and earth that parts when we enter into the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass with all of the saints and angels.
How did I not know this before? I had poor catechesis during my early life and I suppose it took the Mass to be personal for me for it to go deeper and take to heart the healing power of the Mass.
Remember someone who has passed away today. Attend an All Souls Mass or any Mass and offer it to those who have touched your life on this side of the veil and now pray for you on the other side. Pray for them and offer them into our Mother’s hands.
There is a beautiful song written by Eliza Gilkyson called Requiem. She wrote it for the Tsunami victims in Asia in 2005.  It is a song of great comfort to me as it places our fears and pain in Mary’s hands as she leads us to “a higher place”.  I imagine my little Jordan in Mother Mary’s arms.  Take a moment to listen to this beautiful song.
Lyrics below:
By Eliza Gilkyson
Mother Mary, full of grace, awaken.
All our homes are gone, our loved ones taken.
Taken by the sea –
Mother Mary, calm our fears, have mercy.
Drowning in a sea of tears, have mercy.
Hear our mournful plea.
Our world has been shaken,
we wander our homelands, forsaken.
In the dark night of the soul,
bring some comfort to us all –
Oh, Mother Mary, come and carry us in your embrace;
that our sorrows may be faced.
Mary, fill the glass to overflowing.
Illuminate the path where we are going.
Have mercy on us all.
In funeral fires burning,
each flame to your mystery, returning.
In the dark night of the soul,
your shattered dreamers, make them whole –
Oh, Mother Mary, find us where we’ve fallen out of grace;
lead us to a higher place
In the dark night of the soul,
our broken hearts you can make whole –
Oh, Mother Mary, come and carry us in your embrace;
let us see your gentle face, Mary.
About the Author:
Sharon Wilson – Wife, Mother, Writer and Catholic Speaker. Sharon is the Chief Operating Officer for WINE, Sharon has a degree in education and has worked as a freelance writer, Respect Life Coordsharon3inator, a teacher, in advertising, radio, buyer and in youth advocacy – She even rode an elephant in the circus once! Sharon speaks, writes and shares about God’s healing and about the great gift of being Catholic.
Photo courtesy of Sharon Wilson.  All rights reserved.