By Alyssa Bormes


By the time you read this, I will be facing the craziest decision that I’ve ever made … to walk the Camino de Santiago de Compestela, a 500-hundred-mile trek across Spain.

I first heard about it in 2004, and then a few years ago, my stepsister Brenda mentioned it. Then, I said something ridiculous like, “Let’s go!”

Plans have been made, and by that I mean Brenda has done tons of research and keeps sharing that information with me.

Here is the problem: My body doesn’t exactly have a single good joint left. Both of my knees are overdue for surgery. When I use walking sticks to make my knees feel better, my shoulders begin to ache, as I’ve had four shoulder surgeries. And, you guessed it, I will have a walking cast boot on my right foot to start. My doctor told me to wear it as long as I am able. Should we talk about my back? It’s a mess, too, as are my ankles, heels, arches, and everything else needed for walking.

Oh! And I whine.

So why on earth am I going?

For something beyond this earth. I would never do it for any other reason than Jesus. Oddly enough in the last year, Jesus has nearly broken me—both physically and spiritually.

A close friend said to me, “Jesus must really love you to have you in this kind of pain. He has work for you.”

Only Jesus! Only for Him!

So back to Brenda. When I last saw her, I told her that she needed to buy a Fitbit. But not the regular one; a spiritual Fitbit. One that will keep track of her time off of Purgatory for having to walk with me.

But here is the thing about Brenda. She is a woman of peace, of mercy. I have told her that I hope I am not a disappointment to her on The Way. She has reminded me of the words of another friend: “Everyone walks their own Camino.”

God has plans for both of us. One way or the other, I will make my way across Spain. My traveling companion is my sister—both in reality and in Christ.

Please come with us on the journey. You may follow us at Journi. Just enter my name, Alyssa Bormes.

And do one other thing: pray for us!