For the one who is least among all of you is the one who is the greatest.  ~Luke 9:48 

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Every Christmas morning, our family invites two sisters who are disabled to our holiday brunch. The women are in their early fifties, disheveled, and loud. They usually spill hot chocolate on my rugs and burp at our dining room table. But they’ve warmed their way into our hearts. Every year, they buy us presents at the Goodwill store and wrap them with newspaper and masking tape.  (I always get hot pads!)  When they visit our home, we can’t stop smiling.

Over the years, my kids have developed a special fondness for our guests.  “It doesn’t feel like Christmas until they come,” my youngest recently said.

As the birth of Jesus approaches, think about the people who will be sitting around your Christmas table.

Is there someone else to invite?